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SL Series

The new SL412 and SL2.15 speakers incorporate an eye catching slim stylish cabinet design. Designed to integrate either externally through simple wall mounting, suspension, ground stacking, or internally into walls and surfaces, these units can be designed and supplied with custom colors, grill templates and logos, offering a flexible and true designer integrated product. A single yoke assembly with multiple fixed angle and fixing locations, provides a quick and cost effective solution for simple suspension options.


Using KV2 VHD technology, the SL412 loudspeaker utilizes 4 x 12” low mid-range components and the proven and highly respected horn assembly from the VHD1.0, with a single 8” mid-range and 3” large format NPVD compression driver. This mid-high horn has an extremely coherent-wide horizontal dispersion of over 110° while the purpose designed 4 x 12” configuration dramatically reduces the most common problem of immediate reflections within the 300 to 800Hz range usually associated with wide dispersion loudspeakers.

The end result is full and wide sound propagation exactly where it is required. While the SL412 can be utilized with any of KV2’s wide range of sub woofer systems depending on the actual application, the accompanying SL2.15 utilizes the same slim line design to allow for an aesthetically pleasing and acoustically punchy system that can virtually disappear against a wall. The SL2.15 is a 2 x 15” specially designed to output maximum bass response from a its shallow cabinet design. To achieve deep low bass extension it is recommended to use the SL 2.15 with KV2 18” or 21” subwoofers.



  • Slim, discreetly profiled wall mount cabinet
  • The SL Series uses KV2 Audio's Active Drivenphilosophy
  • Compact and modular with all the electronics and amplification housed in separate, portable SL3000
  • Less than 300mm deep, can be installed against a wall, reducing floorspace required
SL412 - Wide dispersion Active Driven System
SL2.15 - SL Bass Enclosure
SL3000 Amplifier - Rack mounted
SL3000 Accesories
SL3000 Accesories